Review of The Measure of Madness, by Philip Gerrans |EN| Metapsychology 20/23 |link|

Review of A Natural History of Human Thinking, by Michael Tomasello |EN| Metapsychology 19/3 |link|

Review of Pharmageddon, by David Healy |EN| Metapsychology 18/12 |link|

Review of Madness is Civilization, by Michael E. Staub |EN| Metapsychology 17/15 |link|

Review of Rational Causation, by Eric Marcus |EN| Metapsychology 16/43 |link|

Review of We’Ve Got Issues, by Judith Warner |EN| Metapsychology 16/16 |link|

The Return of Antipsychiatry – Notes on Richard Bentall’s Doctoring the Mind |EN|Philobiblon XVI/2|pdf-draft| – |RO|unpublished|pdf|

Review of Alienatul în faţa societăţii şi a ştiinţei, second edition, by Alexandru Sutzu |RO|unpublished|pdf|

Review of Narrative Psychiatry, by Bradley Lewis |EN|Metapsychology 15/49|link|pdf – draft, less toned down|

For we are legion. Remarks on Searle’s Making the Social World |EN|RJCPR 13/2|link|

Review of Secular Philosophy and the Religious Temperament, by Thomas Nagel |EN|Metapsychology 15/13|link|

Review of Making Minds and Madness, by Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen |EN|Metapsychology 15/4|link|

Neconvingătoarea uşurătate a fiinţei. Raţiune şi religie în subcultura creativă |RO|in Dobrescu, P. (2008). Cultural Creatives. Cercetări privind evoluţia valorilor în societatea românească. Bucureşti:|pdf-draft|

Care incoerenţă? + Răspuns |RO|ID 2(41) 2008|pdf|


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